Mustafa Doctor
Mustafa DoctorSenior Advocate
Bombay High Court

Mustafa Doctor is a Senior Advocate at the Bombay High Court. He specializes in civil litigation relating mainly to commercial law such as contracts, arbitration, company law, insolvency law, securities law, property law etc. He started his practice in 1993 and was designated as a Senior Advocate by the Bombay High Court in the year 2014.

He appears regularly in the Bombay High Court, before the National Company Law Tribunal, the Securities Appellate Tribunal and in arbitrations. He has over the years appeared in a numerous arbitration’s and matters relating to arbitration and has considerable experience in this area of law.

He has served on the panel of the Custodian appointed under the Special Court (T.O.R.T.S) Act, 1992 and on the panel of Counsel for the Government of India. He regularly represents SEBI in its matters before the Securities Appellate Tribunal. He has also been appointed as Amicus Curiae by the Bombay High Court on several occasions to assist the court in cases relating to arbitration, river water pollution, urban noise pollution and town planning.

He has acted as an Arbitrator in various matters and was recently one of the speakers at a conference held by the Indian Council of Arbitration on the subject of ‘Arbitration in the Era of Globalization’. He has been a speaker at two workshops conducted by the Bombay Bar Association with relation to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.

In 2002 he was part of the Indian delegation at Session 405 of the Salzburg Seminar. The subject of the seminar was ‘Law as a Catalyst for Change in Asia’.

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