Ritin Rai
Ritin RaiSenior Advocate
Supreme Court of India

Ritin Rai practices in the Courts and Tribunals in New Delhi, with a focus on commercial, regulatory and public law issues. After studying law at the University of Delhi, and obtaining graduate degrees in law at the Universities of Oxford and Harvard, he began his career as a corporate transactional lawyer with Jones Day in 1998 before transitioning to a dispute practice in 2004.

Ritin’s commercial and regulatory practice spans appearances in the Supreme Court of India, the High Court of Delhi and the commercial tribunals situate in Delhi. He appears in a variety of practice areas including telecom, company, insolvency and competition law.

Ritin also appears and advises in various arbitral disputes including ad-hoc and institutional arbitrations under UNCITRAL and SIAC Rules. He has represented clients in proceedings in Court seeking interim relief, the appointment of an arbitrator and challenges to arbitral awards. He is a member of the ICC India Arbitration Group and the India Rapporteur for the 3rd Edition of the “ICC Guide to National Procedures for Recognition and Enforcement of Awards under the New York Convention”.

Ritin was designated a Senior Advocate by the Supreme Court of India in March 2019.

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