Deepak Sabharwal
Deepak SabharwalManaging Partner
Deepak Sabharwal & Associates

Deepak is the Managing Partner of Deepak Sabharwal & Associates (DSA). DSA is a full service firm with offices in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore.

Deepak began his career in 1988 working on labor law matters. He then set up his independent civil litigation practice in 1993, before gradually shifting his focus to representing Indian business houses, public sector companies and multinational corporations in district courts, tribunals, various high courts, and the Supreme Court of India. Deepak also worked to establish a network of associates in over 450 district courts around the country.

Deepak’s firm specializes in civil and corporate laws, including Arbitration, Consumer, Labour & Employment Laws, Banking & Finance, Litigation, Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Services, Intellectual Property Rights, Real Estate, Funds, Compliance & Due Diligence, Infrastructure & Resources, Cross-Border Ventures, Information Technology & Telecom, Capital Market Transactions, Drafting and Conveyance.

Deepak is also a Director on the Boards of various companies. He is also a Trustee of “The Little Theatre Group”, a Society engaged in promotion of Art & Theatre. He plays a very active role in promoting trade relations between countries, and believes it to be a method of fostering world peace. He practices this method, and has been the President of the Youth Wings of the Indo Bhutan and Indo-Tunisia Friendship Associations. He is also a member of “the Indo-China group”, “the Indo-Japan group”, “Indo-Ethiopia group”, “Indo-Algeria group”, “Indo-Iraq Society” and the “Arab-Afro Club”, all of which have Indian constitutional heads and diplomats as their chief patrons.

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