Madhavi Divan
Madhavi DivanAdditional Solicitor General
Supreme Court

Madhavi Goradia Divan is an Additional Solicitor General in the Supreme Court of India. She was designated a senior advocate by the Supreme Court of India where she has practised since 2007 on a range of subjects which include constitutional law, media law and environment law. She holds a degree in law from Cambridge University where she was a Cambridge Commonwealth Scholar. She has represented the Government of India in several landmark constitutional cases in the Supreme Court.

Madhavi Divan was entrusted with the task of framing the Government of India’s response to petitions by Muslim women challenging the practice of the triple talaq by which a woman could be divorced by her husband instantaneously on the utterance of word ‘talaq’ or ‘divorce’ three times. The case culminated in a landmark judgment titled Shayara Bano vs. Union of India: (2017) 9 SCC 1, in which a Constitution Bench of the Supreme Court de-legitimized triple talaq.

Madhavi is the author of a book on media law titled Facets of Media Law (Eastern Book Company), now in its second edition. She is also the co-author of Halsburys Laws of India – Environment, 2003 (Butterworths). She contributed to the seminal publication Courts of India – Past to Present, published by the Supreme Court of India in 2016.

Madhavi Divan regularly writes for leading law journals and newspapers. She is the editor of The Indian Advocate, a journal published by the Bar Association of India.

Madhavi Divan was awarded the Woman Lawyer of the Year Award 2017-18, conferred by Legal Era at Mumbai, March 2018. She was also awarded Excellence Award 2018: Honouring Distinguished Service & Contribution to Media & Constitution Laws, CXO & GC Leadership Summit, New Delhi.

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